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After Bomdila, your next destination should be Tawang in Arunachal Pradesh. Tawang is located at an elevation of 13,000 feet with the sea level and a distance of 180 kilometers uphill from Bomdila. Tawang is a Tibetan word which means "chosen by horse".

When your journey starts towards Tawang, it may not be an easy journey. But the sight scenes on the journey and the cleavage of mountaineer range with river Tawang chu gives you a amazing fillings and also after reach at the Tawang town, you should be filling happy for the unique environmental harmony with the magical Buddhist monastery, gompas, monks and magnificent natural beauties. Other hand it also gives you a painful history about Indo-Sino war in 1962, when the town was completely destroyed by the red army.


Tawang is one of the best hill stations in India, situated with an elevation of 10,200 feet from the sea level. It is a district of Arunachal Pradesh and also the homeland of Monpas tribe. They are not originated from Tibetan ethnic groups but they belong in vote community, who were involved into trade between India and Tibetan and lived in the mountaineer border area of the countries. Right now they are belongs in the Mahayana Buddhism and the Gelupa or yellow cap community of Dalai Lama. They are very hard worker as well as friendly. They use a simple costume, but the yellow caps are much attractive among them, which wear Monpas men. Main source of income of that area are terrace cultivation, they are also involve into pastoral and breed herds of Yak and mountain sheep. Weaving carpet and painted wooden vessels are famous handicraft of Tawang.


Area 2,172 Sq Km
Altitude 2,669 m (8,757 ft)
Location Tawang district of Arunachal Pradesh in north-east India
Nearby City Bomdila, 167km driving distance.
Distance 319 km from Tezpur, Assam
Population 11,202 (2011 census)
Best season April to October
Languages Arunachali, Hindi, Assamese, Bengali and English
Railway Station Guwahati
Airport Tezpur
Currency Indian Rupee(indian rupee)
STD Code 03794
Time Zone UTC+5:30

Tawang is a very exciting tourist spots for visitors. It is completely adventurous and enjoyable trip. Dirang and the famous Sella Pass will be on the way from Bomdila to Tawang, and also many army camps will be passes on your journey. Upward, downward, cleavage of the road with mountaineer range, river on the sides will make your journey a tragedy.

Sella Pass
After a 82 kilometers journey from Bomdila towards Tawang, you will be reach at the famous Sella pass, which is situated at a height of 13,721 feet from the sea level. The weather of Sella Pass is completely unpredictable, maximum time it is foggy with thick layer and snowfall is very common feature here. Fortunately, if the weather is clear, it will be a memorable experience to cover the Sella Pass for your whole life. It is a rear experience of close view to the snow covered foothills. Where you may covered by the sea of clouds.

Tawang Monastery
The main attraction of Tawang town is the Tawang Monastery of the Gelupa located on a hilltop near by the town. It is a 400 years old monastery of Mahayana Buddhism founded by Mera Lama Gyaltso on the early 17th century, and it is also the second largest monastery in the Asia. It is the permanent residence about 500 Buddhist Lama. A 28 feet golden Buddha is the main idol here, situated on the assembly hose. The assembly hall is very large room with three storages.

A museum was established here, a decade before. It is a very good and well exhibited and also rich with the valuable antiques like, ancient books and manuscripts, Kitchenware, thanka, lock and key, metallic Buddha, idol of Lamas, mask, musical instruments and two elephant tusk.

Tawang town and its surrounding area are looking amazing from the Tawang Monastery.

Tawang is also famous for many lakes surrounding the town. Patang Teng Tso Lake or PT Tso Lake is one of them. It is situated 16 kilometer from the Tawang town and can essay manage a rented car to reach there. At winter the water of the lake is completely frozen. It is very peaceful and beautiful area for a trip. Sangetsar Lake is another lake situated 42 kilometers away from Tawang town. It is a very eye pleasing destination with natural beauty. Snow pigeons and musk deer’s are available here.

Bumla Pass
After manage a permit from the Indian army, you can make a trip to Bumla Pass. On 1962, red army of China entranced into India from there. It has another historical importance, Dalai Lama leave Lhasa on 17 march of 1959 to comes for the political asylum, and after a long journey he reached at Tawang Monastery on 30th march after cross this Bumla Pass.

Where to Stay

Government Tourist Lodge is a very good option for stay and food in Tawang. Fare may vary from Rs. 300/- to Rs. 600/- per double bed. Contact no (03794)222359. Except that, there have many private hotels and lodges for fooding and accommodation.

Hotel Gorichen
Double bed – 800/-
Triple bed – 1000 to 1500/-
Contact no – (03794)224151

Hotel Samdrupoling
Double bed – 700/- to 1100/-
Contact no – (03794)224213

Hotel Sella
Double bed – 1000/- to 1500/-
Contact no – (03794)222489

Hotel Nefa
Double bed – 800/-
Triple bed – 1800/
Contact no – (03794)222419

Hotel Buddha
Double bed – 1000/- to 1500/-
Phone No – (03794)222954

Hotel Siddhartha
Double bed – 1200/- to 1500/-
Contact no – 9433013707

Hotel Tawang Inn
Double bed – 1600/- to 2000/-
Phone– (03794)2212-7301