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Guntur city of Andhra Pradesh

Guntur town is the administrative headquarter of Guntur district located on the east coast of Bay of Bengal in the state of Andhra Pradesh. It is the largest town in Guntur district with an area of 62 km² situated about 266 km away from the state capital Hyderabad.

Undavalli Caves, Guntur District

(Undavalli Caves, Guntur District, Andhra Pradesh)

As per census report 2011 India, approximately 4889230 people reside in Guntur District (area 11390 sq kms). Among them the populations about 818330 are inhabitant of Guntur city and this city is the destination to visit Guntur district.

Some major towns of the district are Tenali, Narasaraopet, Amaravathi, Ponnur, Bhattiprolu, Vinukonda, Kotappakonda, Gurazala, Macherla, Kondavid, Tenali, etc. you will found here several Hindu Temples, some famous Buddhist sites, Fort, lovely Hillock with caves, parks and many more.

Climate of Guntur

The climatic characteristic of Guntur is hot & wet (summer) and dry & pleasant temperature (winter). Usually, three major seasons are observed in this city namely summer, winter and monsoon. This district receives lots of heavy thunder storm throughout the year (spaciously in May and November) due to the proximity of Bay of Bengal (40 km approx).

Summer Season: Normally, the summer season of Guntur continues from end of february to end-June. During this season temperature ranges varies between 34°C and 42°C. Average temperature during this season is about 36°C.

Winter Season: Normally, the winter season of Guntur continues from End-November to mid-February. During this season temperature ranges varies between 17°C and 28°C. Average temperature during this season is about 20°C.

Monsoon Season: Normally, the monsoon season continues from June to October. In this season, weather Guntur remains hot and humid. The average annual rainfall of the city is about 90 cm.

People, Languages and religions in Guntur

Guntur city plays a significant role to create better economical revenue for the district. The city serves as a main centre for business, industry and agriculture. Major agriculture productions of Guntur District are chillies, cotton, and tobacco. People of the city spend a better life due to the efficiency of daily necessities.

Islam, Christianity and Hinduism are major religions in Guntur District. Telugu is the most spoken language of Guntur, Urdu and English are also used in the district. Muslims religion use Urdu as their main spoken language, they also fluent in Telugu. English is accepted as their primary official language.

How to Reach Guntur City?

Travel by Roadways: Guntur city is directly connected to Kolkata and Madras (Chennai) with the National Highway No-5. This city has also maintained several State Highways which connected the city to the major cities of Andhra Pradesh, like, Nagarjuna Sagar, Hyderabad, Vinukonda and Kurnool. If you want to visit here then you should first reach at Hyderabad (266 km away from Guntur), after that you can travel here with a bus or any cars.

Travel by Railways: One can reach at Guntur city by a Train journey. The Railway junction of the city serves as headquarters of Guntur district and it is very well-connected to the other major metropolis of India. You can also travel here by Railways after reaching Hyderabad city.

Travel by Air: If you planned to visit Guntur by air ways then the international airport of Hyderabad city will be perfect to you. The domestic airport of Gannavaram town is located about 44 km away from Guntur city considered as the nearest airport of the city. Gannavaram Airport serves regular flights from the cities of Hyderabad, Delhi, Chennai and Bangalore City.

Major Tour Spots in Guntur district

Nagarjuna Sagar Dam, the irrigation project on Krishna River, is the World's highest Masonry gravity dam having the best water discharging capacity of 20000 Cu. Sacs. It is located about 30 km from Guntur City and its main attraction is the Ethipothala Water Falls located 11 km away from the dam and a beautiful Botanical garden.

Amaravathi is located on the bank of Krishna River about 34 km North-East from Guntur City. It is one of the most sacred pilgrim centers for Buddhists in India with several Buddhist Stupas and Sculptures. Main attractions of the site are a Buddhist museum, Stupas, Shiva Temple (Amareswara 15 ft height) and ancient Pali script. During the time of Maha Shiva Ratri thousands of Hindu devotees reach this holy place.

Undavalli caves are the examples for Indian rock-cut architecture of ancient age. It is situated just 22 km northeast from Guntur city on the way of Guntur-Kolkata Express Way Road in the village of Undavalli. Famous Managalagiri is located close to the Undavalli Vaves.

Managalagiri is located about 21 km away from Guntur City on the way of the Guntur-Vijayawada-Chennai National Highway. Main attraction on the hillock of Managalagiri is a temple of Lakshmi Narasimha Swami.

Kotappakonda is a hilly village about 35 km South West from Guntur city close to Narsaraopet. This village is famous for the temple of Trikoteswara Swamy and the caves of Guthikonda.

Ponnur is located about 40 km South from Guntur City on the Guntur-Chirala state high way. This place is famous for the ancient temple of Anjaneya Swamy.

Prakasam Barrage, also called as Krishna Barrage, is located about 28 km East from Guntur City. This Barrage shares the regions of both the districts Krishna and the Guntur.

Sitanagaram is an ancient site located about 25 km North-East from Guntur City. Main attraction of the place is Someswara Swami temple. The place was termed its name from Sita, wife of Lord Ramah.

Kondaveedu Fort is located 26 km from Guntur City. This historical fort was built during the reign of the Reddy kings in 14th century AD there are 21 structures in the fort.

Uppalapadu Bird Sanctuary is Located about 16 km away from Guntur Town. You will found some rare species of birds in the sanctuary during the month from September to February.

The district is also an address of several famous Hindu temples likes Chaturmukha Brahma Lingeswaralayam temple, Sri Anjaneya Swamy Temple, Sri Bhavanarayana Swamy, Ramalingeswara Agraharam, Kakani Malleswara Swamy, VaikuntaPuram and Sri Sringeri Math temple.

Hotels, Restaurants and Accomodations in Guntur

Sindoori Hotel
Brodipet Guntur, Andhra Pradesh, India
Tele-Phone: 0863-2254233
Vijayakrishna International Hotel
City Centre, Guntur, Andhra Pradesh, India
Tele-Phone: 0863-2222221/0863-2226011
Viceroy Hotel
5-98-50/1, Guntur – 522001, Andhra Pradesh
Tele-Phone: 0863-2238899.
Sai Krishna Residency
Guntur, Andhra Pradesh, India
Tele-Phone: 0863-2234111...
Geetha Regency Hotel
4th Line, Arundelpet, Guntur
Tele-Phone: 0863-2219101
Balaji Hotel
near Zinnah Tower, Railpet, Guntur
Tele-Phone: 0863-2224999
Garuda Hotel
Near Railway Station, Railpet, Guntur
Tele-Phone: 0863-2331911.
Grand Nagarjuna Hotel (2 star)
Main Road, Brodipet, Guntur-522002
Tele-Phone No: 0863-2222263...
PSS Hotels and Resorts
Central Plaza Station Road, 9-1-18, Guntur - 522001
Phone Number: 0863 2256677

General Information Guntur City

Country India
State Andhra Pradesh
Area 62 sq km (approx)
Population 4889230 (census 2011)
Time Zone IST (UTC+5:30)
District Guntur District
STD Code 0863
Country code 0091 or +91
Best time to visit November to late February.
Attractions at Guntur Major tourist spots near the Guntur city are Nagarjuna Sagar, Amaravathi, Undavalli caves, Managalagiri temple, Trikoteswara Swamy Temple, Anjaneya Swamy Temple, Prakasam Barrage, Sitanagaram, Kondaveedu Fort and Uppalapadu Bird Sanctuary.
Fooding Most popular foods of Guntur city are Mirchi Vajji, Avakaaya pickle, Idli, dosa, puri, etc.
climate Summer - temperature vary from 32°C to 40°C
Winter - temperature vary from 19°C to 24°C.
Main Religion of Guntur Hinduism, Muslim and Christian
Nearest Tourist Enquiry Centre (Govt.) Andhra Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation 

Vijayawada City
Godavari Motor Complex.
M.G.Road, Vijayawada.
Tele-Phone: 0866-2571393.