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Nicobar Islands and District

The Union Territory, Andaman and Nicobar Islands compromised with 572 distinct small islands. These 572 islands are divided in two groups named Andaman Islands Group and Nicobar Islands Group. Nicobar Islands group comprises with 22 islands which cover an area of approximately 1841 sq km and it separated from Andaman Islands by the Ten-Degree Channel. The Nicobar Islands group (22 islands) falls in Nicobar District and its district headquarter located at Car Nicobar Island about 242 km away from Port Blair.

Nicobar District is divided in three Divisions or Group like Northern Islands, Central Islands and Southern Islands Group. Northern Islands Group consists of Car Nicobar and Battimaly Island (uninhabited). Central Islands Group consists of Chaura, Teressa, Poahat, Katchal, Camorta, Nancowry, Trinket, Laouk (uninhabited) and Tillangchong Island (uninhabited). Southern Islands Group consists of Great Nicobar, Little Nicobar, Kondul, Milo Island and some uninhabited islands like Meroe, Trak, Treis, Menchal, Kabra, Pigeon and Megapod Island.

District Headquarter, Car Nicobar

(Car-Nicobar Island, Parking zone, Nicobar Islands)

According to the census report India 2011 populations are decreased due to Tsunami of 2004 and now about 36,819 people reside here. Among them more over 70% of total population of these islands belongs to several tribal communities. There have two main tribal communities namely – Nicobarese and Shompen. Nicobari constitutes the larger part and they reside in all the inhabitant Islands of Nicobar. Shompen tribes mainly reside in Great Nicobar Island. Rest 30% population had been migrated from Malaysia, Indonesia, Burma and some neighboring states (West Bengal, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, etc).

Climate of Nicobar Islands

The climate of Nicobar district is very pleasant throughout the year. It is placed in the Torrid or hot climatic zone and totally encircled with the ocean, Bay of Bengal. So, there have no winter season but rain is a common fact throughout the year. The weather seasons of Nicobar can be divided in two major types namely monsoon and summer. 

Summer Season in Nicobar Islands : Normally the summer Season of Nicobar is continued from end of January to June. Average temperature in summer varies from 22°C to 31°C and some destructive storms hit city during this season. Nicobar is under tropical monsoon climate zone with little variation in average temperature and large amounts of precipitation throughout the year.

Monsoon Season in Nicobar Islands : Normally the monsoon season of Nicobar is continued for a long term. It starts continues from May to November. The average annual rainfall of Nicobar is approximately 280 cm. This island receives substantial rainfall except the months of January, February and March.

People, Languages and Religions

There have 6 distinct regional spoken dialects in the islands of Nicobar district. These languages collectively called as Nicobari Languages. Near about 98 percent of total Nicobarese follow Christian Religion. The remaining two percent populations consist of Muslim and now they termed as Nicobari Muslims. You will found ten churches in Car Nicobar Island among these the St. Thomas Church of Mus is oldest where the maker of modern Nicobar Bishop John Richardson was buried.

Every village of tribal areas in Nicobar District is having a village council headed by first captain and who is assisted by second and third captain. The Captains are elected by secret ballot voting and it usually continues for four years. At present in Nicobar district have 7 Tribal councils namely Car Nicobar Council, Katchal Council, Nancowry, Kamorta, Teressa, Chowra and Pilobhabi Tribal Council. Today Village Councils does play a vital role to communicate between the Local Administration and the tribal people of the island.

Attraction at Nicobar Islands

Car Nicobar Tourism
Car Nicobar Island covers an area of 127 sq km located about 240 km away from Port Blair. It serves as districts headquarter of Nicobar district. Nicobar District has 15 villages which are inhabited and maximum parts of these villages are covered with Coco-nut and Acecanut. You will found some attractive beaches in this island. It takes about 16 hours to reach here from Port Blair. Indira Point, the southern most point of India is about 310 Km away from Carnicobar. 

Great Nicobar Tourism
Great Nicobar Island is largest in Nicobar District with an area of 1045 sq km Located about 540 km away from Port Blair by sea way. Southern most point of Indian sub-continent, Indira Point is in this island. The beach near Galathia River is the nesting ground for Giant Leatherback Turtles. It takes about 60 hours to go here from Port Blair.

Nancowry Islands Tourism
Nancowry Islands is most attractive islands in Nicobar District. If you wish to visit here then one thing have to keep your mind that there have no hotels to stay and you have to make your own arrangements at the circuit house or village schools. 

Katchal Island Tourism
Katchal Island is located about 425 km away from Port Blair by sea way. It is a small island which heralded the new millennium with the first sunrise on first January 2000. Main attractions of the island are beaches at East Bay Jhula and West Bay.

How to reach at Mayabunder ?

Nicobar Islands (except Campbell Bay Island) are highly restricted area. The Government of India declared it as an "Aboriginal Tribal Reserve Area". Any one who is wanted to visit here would require obtaining a Landing Permit from the Office of the Deputy Commissioner, Andaman District [Tele-Phone: (+91) 03192-233089].

Nicobar district is connected to Port Blair with Ferries by seaways. Car Nicobar, the destination island also the district head quarter, is about 240 km away from Port Blair. You can obtain ship tickets from the office of the Director, Shipping services at Port Blair.

Ferry services (Govt.) Port Blair to Car Nicobar
It takes about 16 hours to go Car Nicobar.
Usually two ships available in a week
Tele-Phone: (+91) 03192-230480

A private helicopter service, called as Pawan Hans Helicopter Limited, provides flights mainly from Port Blair to Car Nicobar Island. Some other islands of Nicobar District can be accessible by helicopter service like Campbell Bay, Teressa, Katchal and Nancowry Island. There is a time schedule of helicopter services only from Port Blair to Car Nicobar.

Helicopter services, Port Blair to Car Nicobar
Pawan Hans Helicopter Limited.
Address: Director Office, Civil Aviation, Port Blair.
Tele-Phone: (+91) 03192-230480.
Helicopter services, Time Schedule:
Monday (7:15 am), Tuesday (10:00 am), Wednesday (7:15 am)
Thrusday (8:00 am) and Friday (7:15 am)

General Information of Nicobar District

Country India
Union Territory Andaman and Nicobar Islands
District Nicobar District
Area 1841 sq km
Population Nicobar District 36,819 (census 2011)
STD Code 03192
Nicobar Islands Postal Code 744301 (Car Nicobar)
Hotel, Restaurants and beach resorts There have no private lodge, Hotels or restaurants to stay in Nicobar District. You have to books a government rest house in advance from port Blair if you want to travel Nicobar District. 

Government Rest house at Car Nicobar
A.P.W.D. Car Nicobar...
For booking this Guest House you have to contact
The Executive Engineer, Construction Division.
Best time to visit Winter
Attractions at Nicobar District Main attractions of Nicobar are the several tribal communities & their culture and lots of beautiful beaches in bellow mentioned islands Car Nicobar Island, Great Nicobar Island, Nancowry Islands and Katchal Island .
Clothing Light cotton is best throughout the year as there have no winter.
Spoken languages Nicobarese (main language), Hindi, English, etc.
climate in Nicobar Summer Season - vary from 25°C to 35°C
Winter Season - Minimum temperature 20°C
Restrictions at Nicobar District Nicobar district is highly restricted area for anyone who wants to visit here. Travelers (both Indian and Foreigner) have to obtain a "Restricted Areas Permit" from the authorization body of the district. 

Be careful, there have lots of tribal communities maximum of them are unc0vered and wild. So, choose the proper travel agent to trip here. Best option is to contact a Government Travel guider.
Important Phone Numbers of Nicobar District (Helpline) Police Control Room: (+91) 03192-265242
Fire Brigade: (+91) 03192-265252
Disaster Management: (+91) 03192-265241
Tribal Council: (+91) 03192-265309
Hospital: (+91) 03192-265234/265228
Mainland Shipping Info: (+91) 03102-245555
Inter Island Ship Schedule: (+91) 03192-232528
Airport Office: (+91) 03192-232983