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Havelock Island

Havelock Island derived its name from British General Henry Havelock in the time of pre-independent India. It is biggest among 572 islands of Andaman and Nicobar group with an area of 113 sq km and located 56 km North-East from Port Blair on the sea, Bay of Bengal. According to the census report of India 2001, approximately 5,354 people reside here and they survive mainly with the profession of tourism.

This island concluded with five distinct villages like Govinda Nagar, Bejoy Nagar, Shyam Nagar, Krishna Nagar and Radha Nagar. Among these villages Govind Nagar is most developed with lots of shops, hotels and restaurants. Local people of the island identify the villages with a number system, as for example Radha Nagar village identifies as No. 7, Vijaynagar Beach village identifies as No. 5, Govind Nagar village identifies as No. 3, and so on.

Havelock Island, Andaman

(avelock Island, Andaman and Nicobar Islands)

Havelock Island is one of the most visited tourist destinations in India where you will discover lots of lovely beaches like Radhanagar Beach, Vijaynagar Beach, Elephant Beach and Kalapathar Beach. Some other attractive spots of the island are several adventuring evergreen forest, Dolphin convoys, Elephant training camp and many more. Each and every tour spots of the island are accessible by Bus root from Jetty of Havelock village No. 1. Other option is to hire a private Taxi or Auto-Rickshaw to reach your chosen destinations.

Tourist attractions in Port Blair

Radhanagar Beach (No. 7): It is most popular sea beach not only in India but also in Asia by visitor choice. It is located just 12 km South-West from Havelock jetty. Sunset view at the beach is so beautiful that will remain etched in your mind rest of your life.

Vijaynagar Beach (No. 5): It is a long stretch sandy beach located just 4 km South-East from jetty. The major property of the Department of Tourism, Dolphin Resort is situated close to this beach.

Elephant Beach: One can make a walk to Elephant Beach from Radhanagar beach on beach way. It would take about 45 minutes to go here. Snorkeling is a memorable and lifetime experience in Elephant Beach.

Kalapathar Beach: It is a beautiful lush white sand beach in the high tide and a Black stone beach located 10 km away from jetty. Kalapathar Beach is a lonely spot not many tourists come here honeymooners pay attention to visit here.

How to reach in Havelock Island

If you planned to visit at Havelock Island then you should first reach at Port Blair. After that you can travel for Havelock Island with a Ferry from Phoenix Bay Jetty of Port Blair. You can also reach at Havelock Island from its Neighboring island Rangat with a ferry. Helicopter services are also available to reach here. Know more details bellow.

Ferry, Port Blair to Havelock Island
Type: Government operated normal ferries
Timing: 6.15 am. (Daily, may be changed season time).
It takes around 4 hours.
Ticket costs: chair - INR Indian Rupee 250.00 seat - INR Indian Rupee350.00
Ticket Counter: Port Blair at Phoenix Bay Jetty and Havelock at Village No. 1

Private Ferry services, Port Blair to Havelock
Type: Air-conditioned catamaran ferry
A Daily service, takes around 1.5 hours to go.
Ticket costs: INR Indian Rupee 700.00 / Indian Rupee 800.00 / Indian Rupee 1000.00
Extra facilities: Leather seats attached TVs.
Tele-Phone: 03192-243835/03192-244139
Ticket Counter: Port Blair at Phonex Bay Jetty and Havelock at Village No. 1

Helicopter services, Port Blair to Havelock
Provider: Pawan Hans Helicopter Limited.
It takes around 45 minutes.
Ticket costs: around INR Indian Rupee 4000.00
Tele-Phone: 03192-233601.
It is a daily service except Sunday.

N.B - Time schedules and tickets cost may be changed by time to time due to bad weather or in full tour seasons.

Hotels and Beach Resorts

Silver Sand Beach Resort
Vijay Nagar, Havelock-5.
Tele-Phone: 03192-282493

Symphony Palms Beach Resort
Govind Nagar, Havelock.
Tele-Phone: 03192-214315

Sea Shell Resort
Govind Nagar, Havelock-2
Tele-Phone: 03192-211830

Holi Day Inn
Govind Nagar, Havelock-3
Tele-Phone: 03192-282208
Mobile Number: 9474244606

Moonlet Sands
Govind Nagar, Havelock-1
Mobile Number: 9933220626

General Information of Havelock Island

Country India
Union Territory Andaman and Nicobar Islands
Nearest big City Port Blair, 56 km distance by sea way.
Land Area Havelock 113 sq. km.
Population census 2001 5354
STD Code 03192
Best time to visit Any time, but best is October To March
Attractions at Havelock Island Attractions at Havelock Island: Radhanagar Beach, Vijaynagar Beach, Elephant Beach, Kalapathar Beach, adventuring evergreen forest, Dolphin convoys, Elephant training camp, beautiful singing birds and many more. 

Activities at Havelock Island: Beach combing, sunbathing, snorkeling, surf riding, swimming, fishing, sunset or sunrise watching, elephant safaris, bird watching, trekking in Jungle, sailing, kayak and many more.
Clothing Summer Season - Light Cottan
Winter Season - Light Cottan
Fooding Any types of Indian foods, Continental, Chinese, Tandoori items and many more like Rice (Vaat), Dal, Fish - Hilsa, Katla, Misti (sweets) - Rasogolla, Sondesh, Laddu and many more. Beer and Alcohol are also available in Wine Shop.
Language Bengali (main language), Hindi, English, etc.
climate Havelock Summer Season - vary from 25°C to 35°C
Winter Season - Minimum temperature 20°C
Tour Spots near Havelock Island Major tour spots near Havelock Island are Neil Island, Long Island, Rangat, Mayabunder, Cellular Jail, Barren Island Volcano, Diglipur and Little Andaman Island.
Restrictions There have no restrictions for Indians but the foreigners have to follow some rules to visit in this island. They have to obtain Restricted Areas Permit from the competent authority. 

Be careful, there have lots of travel agents to cheat the innocent travelers. So, choose the proper travel agent to trip here. Best option is to contact a Government Travel guider.
Geographical characteristic Havelock Island totally encircled by ocean and its soil is sandy. It mostly divided into several rural areas and covered with forest.
Banks, ATMs and Mobile services Bank: State Bank of India (SBI).
ATM Counters: Axis bank ATM and SBI ATM.
Tale-connectivity: Mobile network signals are well.

Internet facilities are available here. These facilities are mainly available at Havelock No. 3 or Govind Nagar.
Some important Tele-Phone Numbers of Havelock Island Health Centre: 03192-282382
Police Station: 03192-282405
Dolphin Resort (Manager): 03192-282444
Forest Office: 03192-282350.
Tourist Enquiry Address of Government tour Centre
Andaman Teal House,
Port Blair the capital city,
Andaman Island,
Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

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