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Diglipur Division or Tehsil

Diglipur Tehsil or Division is one of the most visited tourist destination in the Union Territory of Andaman and Nicobar Island due to its super natural sandy beaches and endless variety of evergreen forest including lots of exotic Birds. It is around 180 km away from Port Blair placed in the district of North and Middle Andaman. It covers an area of 884 sq km. The main town of the Tehsil, Diglipur Town serves as the administrative headquarter of North Andaman Sub-Division.

There have 42 distinct villages and 13 Gram Panchayats in Diglipur. Some major of these are Subashgram, Keralapuram, Ariel Bay, Shibpur, Kalipur, Sitanagar, Nabagram, Kalighat, Ramnagar, Madhupur, Laxmipur, Swarajgram etc. The people of these villages survive with the business of tourism (mainly), farming or fishing. The population of Diglipore primarily emigrated from the neighboring states like West Bengal, Tamil Nadu and Kerala. According to the census report of India 2001 approximately 42,877 people reside here.

Saddle Peek view Diglipur, Andaman

(Diglipur Island view from Saddle Peek)

If you bored with your daily busy life then Diglipur would be the suitable destination to refresh your mind. The environment and its atmosphere is very pure and quite with lots of natural beauties. Some major attractions of the city are the Ross Island, Smith Island, Saddle peak mountain include a national park, Ramnagar beach, mud volcanoes, Kalipur beach, Lamiya bay beaches and many more. Each and every tour spots of Diglipur are accessible by roadways from its entry point Aerial Bay Jetty of Kalighat. You can also hire a fisher boat from Aerial Bay Jetty to visit here.

Tour spots at Diglipur

Ross & Smith Island : The main attraction of Diglipur, Ross & Smith Islands are situated just 20 minute’s boat ride distance from Arial Bay jetty of Kalighat. These two islands are connected with a 50 meters narrow sand bar and its seashore bordered with thick tropical forest including lots of flora and fauna.

You need a permission from Forest Range officer of Aerial bay jetty to enter these Islands. It can be obtained by paying 50 Rupees for Indians and 500 Rupees for Foreigners. There are some corals around the islands and the water is clear and safer for snorkeling.

Saddle Peak Tourism : Saddle peak is the highest point of Andaman and Nicobar Islands with height of 732 meters. This mountain is totally covered with evergreen rain forest up to the top of peak. Many travelers who love to trek on mountains reach here to look a bird’s eye view of North Andamans. Kalpong is the only river of the Islands which flows through Saddle Peek which generate a hydroelectric project.

You need permission from forestry department office of Diglipur to climbing on the peek. It can be obtained by paying 250 Rupees. Those who want to go for trekking to Saddle Peak can collect trekking equipments on hire from Turtle Nest Resort and start trekking from Kalipur starting point.

Kalipur Beach Tourism : Kalipur beach is located 18 km away from Diglipur, provides a mixture of sand and rock shores with fishing village nearby.

Diglipur National Park : Diglipur National Park is a dense tropical forest bordered by Lamba Bay Beach. It offers trekking opportunities in Jungle to find out many rare species of trees. You have to just take permission from Forest Department to visit here.

Ram Nagar Beach : Ram Nagar Beach is another common beach destination from Diglipur. It is also a home and nesting ground for the Olive Ridley Turtles.

Mud Volcano : It has been identified at the northern point of Diglipur Island. It is a restricted area.

Some other neighboring attractions : Besides of these you will found some more attractive spots around Diglipur like the Craggy Island located close to Pristine Resort, Raman caves, Kalighat Creek, Lamba Bay Beach and many more spots in Mayabundar (neighboring Divsion).

Hotel and beach resorts at Diglipur

Pristine Beach Resort (Private)
18 km from Kalighat Jetty
Located at Kalipur Town
Tele-Phone: 03192-272532.
Take around one hour to reach by Bus from Diglipur Town or 30 minutes from Kalighat Jetty.

Turtle Nest Resort (Government)
18 km from Kalighat Jetty
Close to Kalipur Beach
Diglipur Post Office
North and Middle Andaman.
Tele-Phone: 03192-271818

If you wish to stay in a low-priced lodge then Drua lodge or Bepari lodge would be suitable for you. are recommended. It situated close to Kalipur beach and it provides one night stay exchange of Rs.100/200.

How to reach at Diglipur?

If you planned to visit at Diglipur then you should first reach at Port Blair. After that you can travel to Diglipur with a Ferry from Phownix Bay Jetty of Port Blair or travel by a Bus. You can also reach at Diglipur from its neighboring island Rangat with a ferry or bus (take 4 hours). Helicopter services are also available to reach here. Know more details bellow.

Travel by Buses Port Blair to Mayabunder: There have no direct road route from Port Blair to Diglipur. Mayabunder, 240 km away from Port Blair, is directly connected to Port Blair by the Andaman Trunk Road. From here (Mayabunder Jetty) you have travel by a ferry or boat through water way to reach Kalighat Aerial Bay Jetty. Kalighat is entry point of Diglipur sitiuted just 25 km away from Diglipur town. Regular bus services are avaiable from Kalighat to other major destinations od Diglipur division.

Government, STS Bus Terminal
Bus stand Location: Port Blair, near police station.
Timing: 5.30 am.
Number of Bus: One Bus daily, except Monday.
It takes around 8 hours to reach at Mayabundar Jetty (240 km).

NB: After reaching at Mayabundar you should travel by a ferry to reach Kalighat (30 minutes) then catch a local bus to enter Diglipur town (30 minutes).

Private Bus services, Port Blair to Mayabunder
Anand and Geetanjali private ltd.
Bus stand Location: Opposite Government bus Stand.
Timing: 4.30 am to 7.00 am. (Daily, except Monday).
Number of Bus: Four Buses daily, except Monday.
Extra facilities: Push back seats and DVD home theater systems.

NB: After reaching at Mayabundar you should travel by a ferry to reach Kalighat (30 minutes) then catch a local bus to enter Diglipur town (30 minutes).

Helicopter services, Port Blair to Diglipur
Provider: Pawan Hans Helicopter Limited.
It is a private service available at Port Blair.

Ferry services, Port Blair to Kalighat (Diglipur)
It takes around 12 hours
Availability: 4-5 days in a week.
Jetty Address: Port Blair Jetty Ghat.
Destination: Aerial bay jetty at Kalighat 25 km from Diglipur Town.

NB: After reaching Kalighat you should travel by a local bus to reach Diglipur Town (30 minutes).

General Information of Diglipur

Country India
Union Territory Andaman and Nicobar Islands
Nearest big City Port Blair, 185 km distance by sea way and 290 km by Roadway.
District North & Middle Andaman
Area 884 sq km.
Population census 2001 42877
STD Code 03192
Diglipur Postal Code 744202
Best time to visit Best season is November To March.
Attractions at Diglipur Main attractions around Diglipur: Ross & Smith Island, Kalipur Beach, Ram Nagar Beach, Raman Caves, Craggy Island Beach, Saddle peak, Diglipur national park, Rampur beach, mud volcanoes and many more. 

Activities at Havelock Island: Beach combing, sunbathing, snorkeling, surf riding, swimming, fishing, bird watching, trekking in Jungle, sailing, kayak and many more.
Clothing Light Cottan
Fooding Any types of Indian foods, Continental, Chinese, Tandoori items and many more like Rice (Vaat), Dal, Fish - Hilsa, Katla, Misti (sweets) - Rasogolla, Sondesh, Laddu and many more. Beer and Alcohol are also available in Wine Shop.
Language Bengali (main language), Hindi, English, etc.
climate Summer Season - vary from 25°C to 35°C
Winter Season - Minimum temperature 20°C
Tour Spots near Diglipur Town Major tour spots near Diglipur are Havelock Island, Neil Island, Long Island, Rangat, Mayabunder, Cellular Jail, Barren Island Volcano and Little Andaman Island.
Banks, ATMs and Mobile services Bank: State Bank of India (SBI).
ATM Counters: Axis bank ATM and SBI ATM at Diglipur Market.
Tale-connectivity: Mobile network signals are well.
Internet facilities are available here only in Diglipur Market (main town).
Currency Indian Rupee (Indian Rupee)