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District List for Bank Of Baroda in Uttar Pradesh

District NameTotal BranchesState
Agra19Uttar Pradesh
Aligarh11Uttar Pradesh
Allahabad69Uttar Pradesh
Ambedkar Nagar35Uttar Pradesh
Amberpur1Uttar Pradesh
Asalatpur1Uttar Pradesh
Atheha1Uttar Pradesh
Auraiya3Uttar Pradesh
Azamgarh8Uttar Pradesh
Baghpat1Uttar Pradesh
Bagpat1Uttar Pradesh
Bahraich8Uttar Pradesh
Ballia9Uttar Pradesh
Balrampur2Uttar Pradesh
Bamnagar1Uttar Pradesh
Banda5Uttar Pradesh
Banka1Uttar Pradesh
Bara Banki9Uttar Pradesh
Bareilly59Uttar Pradesh
Barhalganj1Uttar Pradesh
Basti3Uttar Pradesh
Bijnor10Uttar Pradesh
Bilaspur1Uttar Pradesh
Budaun17Uttar Pradesh
Bulandshahr11Uttar Pradesh
Chandauli6Uttar Pradesh
Chitrakoot5Uttar Pradesh
Dadri1Uttar Pradesh
Dasna1Uttar Pradesh
Deoria3Uttar Pradesh
Etah5Uttar Pradesh
Etawah2Uttar Pradesh
Faizabad29Uttar Pradesh
Farrukhabad4Uttar Pradesh
Fatehpur40Uttar Pradesh
Firozabad 2Uttar Pradesh
Gautam Buddha Nagar9Uttar Pradesh
Gautam Budh Nagar1Uttar Pradesh
Ghaziabad22Uttar Pradesh
Ghazipur5Uttar Pradesh
Gonda3Uttar Pradesh
Gorakhpur10Uttar Pradesh
Govindpuram1Uttar Pradesh
Hamirpur4Uttar Pradesh
Hardoi8Uttar Pradesh
Hathras2Uttar Pradesh
Jagdishpur1Uttar Pradesh
Jalaun3Uttar Pradesh
Jaunpur13Uttar Pradesh
Jhansi6Uttar Pradesh
Jyotiba Phoole Nagar 2Uttar Pradesh
Jyotiba Phule Nagar1Uttar Pradesh
Kalyanpur1Uttar Pradesh
Kanauj5Uttar Pradesh
Kannauj1Uttar Pradesh
Kanpur10Uttar Pradesh
Kanpur City19Uttar Pradesh
Kanpur Dehat23Uttar Pradesh
Kanpur Nagar27Uttar Pradesh
Kargaina1Uttar Pradesh
Kaushambi31Uttar Pradesh
Kumhiyawan1Uttar Pradesh
Kushi Nagar5Uttar Pradesh
Lakhimpur Kheri11Uttar Pradesh
Lalganj1Uttar Pradesh
Lalitpur1Uttar Pradesh
Lucknow54Uttar Pradesh
Maharajganj3Uttar Pradesh
Mahoba3Uttar Pradesh
Mainpuri3Uttar Pradesh
Mathura8Uttar Pradesh
Mau5Uttar Pradesh
Mauaima1Uttar Pradesh
Meerut13Uttar Pradesh
Mirzapur13Uttar Pradesh
Moradabad15Uttar Pradesh
Muhammadabad1Uttar Pradesh
Muzaffar Nagar 2Uttar Pradesh
Muzaffarnagar4Uttar Pradesh
Na1Uttar Pradesh
Nigohi1Uttar Pradesh
Paraur1Uttar Pradesh
Parewa Vaysh1Uttar Pradesh
Parshadepur1Uttar Pradesh
Pasana1Uttar Pradesh
Paschim Sarira1Uttar Pradesh
Patara1Uttar Pradesh
Patauna1Uttar Pradesh
Patti1Uttar Pradesh
Patwai1Uttar Pradesh
Phulpur1Uttar Pradesh
Pilakhwa1Uttar Pradesh
Pilibhit27Uttar Pradesh
Pindara1Uttar Pradesh
Pipari1Uttar Pradesh
Powayan1Uttar Pradesh
Pratapgarh34Uttar Pradesh
Pukhrayan1Uttar Pradesh
Purabazar1Uttar Pradesh
Purabgaon1Uttar Pradesh
Puranpur1Uttar Pradesh
Rae Bareli 24Uttar Pradesh
Raebareli2Uttar Pradesh
Rafiganj1Uttar Pradesh
Rahmatganj1Uttar Pradesh
Rai Bareli15Uttar Pradesh
Rajanpur1Uttar Pradesh
Raje Sultanpur1Uttar Pradesh
Rajpur1Uttar Pradesh
Rajrooppur1Uttar Pradesh
Ramapur1Uttar Pradesh
Ramganj1Uttar Pradesh
Ramnagar3Uttar Pradesh
Rampur15Uttar Pradesh
Rampur Bagan1Uttar Pradesh
Ramsari1Uttar Pradesh
Rania1Uttar Pradesh
Raniganj2Uttar Pradesh
Rasdhan1Uttar Pradesh
Rasewan1Uttar Pradesh
Rasoolabad1Uttar Pradesh
Rasra1Uttar Pradesh
Rastamau1Uttar Pradesh
Rasulpur1Uttar Pradesh
Rathoda1Uttar Pradesh
Raya1Uttar Pradesh
Richha1Uttar Pradesh
Robertsganj1Uttar Pradesh
Rohania1Uttar Pradesh
Rudauli1Uttar Pradesh
Rudrapur1Uttar Pradesh
Rura1Uttar Pradesh
Sabitpur1Uttar Pradesh
Sadabad1Uttar Pradesh
Sadrepur1Uttar Pradesh
Safedabad1Uttar Pradesh
Saharanpur 16Uttar Pradesh
Sahaswan1Uttar Pradesh
Sahora1Uttar Pradesh
Saidabad1Uttar Pradesh
Saidnagar1Uttar Pradesh
Saidpur1Uttar Pradesh
Saidupur1Uttar Pradesh
Saifni1Uttar Pradesh
Sakaldiha1Uttar Pradesh
Salon1Uttar Pradesh
Samrauta1Uttar Pradesh
Sanda1Uttar Pradesh
Sanda Khas1Uttar Pradesh
Sandalpur1Uttar Pradesh
Sandila1Uttar Pradesh
Sangrampur1Uttar Pradesh
Sant Kabir Nagar4Uttar Pradesh
Sant Ravidas Nagar3Uttar Pradesh
Sarai Anadeo1Uttar Pradesh
Sarai Aqil1Uttar Pradesh
Sarai Mir1Uttar Pradesh
Sarai Patwadh1Uttar Pradesh
Sareni1Uttar Pradesh
Sarthauli1Uttar Pradesh
Sarvankhera1Uttar Pradesh
Saya1Uttar Pradesh
Semari Chauraha1Uttar Pradesh
Seohara1Uttar Pradesh
Shahabad3Uttar Pradesh
Shahganj2Uttar Pradesh
Shahgarh2Uttar Pradesh
Shahjadnagar1Uttar Pradesh
Shahjahanpur56Uttar Pradesh
Shamli1Uttar Pradesh
Shamshabad1Uttar Pradesh
Shankargarh1Uttar Pradesh
Shergarh1Uttar Pradesh
Sherkot1Uttar Pradesh
Shikohabad1Uttar Pradesh
Shishgarh1Uttar Pradesh
Shivpuri1Uttar Pradesh
Shivrajpur1Uttar Pradesh
Shravasti2Uttar Pradesh
Sidhauli1Uttar Pradesh
Sidhnagar1Uttar Pradesh
Sikandarpur2Uttar Pradesh
Sikandra Rao1Uttar Pradesh
Sikandrabad1Uttar Pradesh
Silokhar1Uttar Pradesh
Sindholi1Uttar Pradesh
Singankhera1Uttar Pradesh
Sirathu1Uttar Pradesh
Sirsaganj1Uttar Pradesh
Sisawankalan1Uttar Pradesh
Sitapur5Uttar Pradesh
Sonbhadra 5Uttar Pradesh
Soraon1Uttar Pradesh
Soron1Uttar Pradesh
Ssi Noida1Uttar Pradesh
Suar1Uttar Pradesh
Suchitaganj1Uttar Pradesh
Sultanpur46Uttar Pradesh
Sundarpur1Uttar Pradesh
Surat1Uttar Pradesh
Suriyawan1Uttar Pradesh
Tanda2Uttar Pradesh
Tanda Sahabad1Uttar Pradesh
Tekari Dandoo1Uttar Pradesh
Tenduvaikalan1Uttar Pradesh
Teni1Uttar Pradesh
Tetri Bazar1Uttar Pradesh
Tiloi1Uttar Pradesh
Trisundi1Uttar Pradesh
Unchahar1Uttar Pradesh
Unnao8Uttar Pradesh
Varanasi47Uttar Pradesh
Vijayeepur1Uttar Pradesh
Vrindaban1Uttar Pradesh
Wazirganj1Uttar Pradesh
Zamania1Uttar Pradesh

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